Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's

Thomas Frew

About Me

G'day! I'm Tom, a Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Adelaide, Australia. While this course focuses on software engineering, algorithms, and CS research, I've always been passionate about programming. From Blackjack to Computer Vision, Graphics Calculators and Learning Databases, there's almost nothing I haven't built!

Outside of personal projects, you can catch me competing in Hackathons and teaching coding under @CanDoFrew. Otherwise, I'll be doodling, baking or hitting the gym!

If you like what you see, check out my resume below! After Over a Decade! seconds as a programmer, I love it more than ever.










Want AI with a keen eye? Visionary is a collection of tools that allow anyone to create custom object detection systems. Featuring two unique dataset generators, a CNN trainer, and neural network visualisation tools. Come with a set of images and leave with a neural network! A computer vision fan's paradice.


South Australia's COVID check-in system is insecure and ineffective. But help is at hand… literally! QPacity assigns users a unique QPacity code (QR code). By presenting this code at an event, users can quickly check in. The maximum capacity of any room is also automatically enforced based on SA government standards.


The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) can be confusing. However, understanding the SACE is crucial to successful teaching and learning. SACEology is a complete Learning Management System that helps South Australian teachers and students achieve their goals in the SACE.

Calculus Co.

Mathematics, science, and engineering are great, but today's clunky graphics calculators don't cut it. You need a system that can support you! As the first graphics calculator designed by students for students, Calculus Co. understands what you need and helps you achieve it post-haste.


Battle your buddies in a classic game of chess! Written C++ and designed with SFML. Visual chess has a point-and-click UI and auto-saves each position to a condensed representation. Developed in collaboration with a team of Computer Science students at the University of Adelaide.

Contact Me

If you like what you see, why not shoot me an email? We could develop software together, chat about your products or imagine how I can boost your team. No matter what, I'd love to hear from you!